The Resources Issue

There is no “Climate Emergency”. There isn’t even a climate problem. The Kyoto target of 2 deg C above pre-industrial temperature will never be reached because there aren’t enough fossil fuels left in the ground. Alternatives, “renewables”, are not going to work because there are not enough raw materials available to make the transition.

The downward side of the Peak Oil curve is likely to be much slower than the upward side which is now coming to an end. Slowly fossil fuels will become more expensive but this will not necessarily precipitate a crisis  because we will have time to adapt. Maybe, as fuel prices start to bite, people will stop driving to work and start taking the bus. Perhaps working from home will become the norm. Perhaps renewable fuels such as charcoal and eucalyptus oil will become competitive. Perhaps country towns will replace the urban sprawl.

According to Rutger Bregman’s Utopia for Realists, we should already be living in a low-work, high-leisure utopia by now because so little human effort is now required to produce the necessities of life. The only reason that everyone is so busy and so stressed instead is that most people are doing what he calls bullshit jobs.  Maybe Peak Oil will bring all this to an end when real jobs open up for rickshaw drivers.

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