For some time now the electioneering shiboleth of Net Zero has been gaining momentum until it is now apparently a fait accompli; even the Liberal Party has fallen into line. While many remain dubious about its urgency in the light of China’s callous disregard of the issue and the obvious inadequacy of renewables alone to power an industrial economy, the fact remains that we must, ultimately, move away from hydrocarbons. The only means of doing so is with nuclear power.

Valid arguments against nuclear are the long lead times and high costs of setting it up.

Retired physicist Geoffrey Hudson makes the case for nuclear. He describes a “second generation” nuclear scenario which overcomes many of its difficulties by going offshore, e.g. public fear and animosity, safety, waste disposal and the often dangerous and polluting decommissioning process. Australia is ideally suited to be the first country to take this next vital step. If we are going to spend the money and take the time, let us do it well.







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