It’s worrying – Gavin Schmidt

Gavin A. Schmidt is a British climatologist, climate modeler and Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York, and co-founder of the climate science blog RealClimate.

Last week in Nature he published an article, Why 2023’s heat anomaly is worrying scientists, where he says:

For the past nine months, mean land and sea surface temperatures have overshot previous records each month by up to 0.2 °C — a huge margin at the planetary scale. A general warming trend is expected because of rising greenhouse-gas emissions, but this sudden heat spike greatly exceeds predictions made by statistical climate models that rely on past observations. Many reasons for this discrepancy have been proposed but, as yet, no combination of them has been able to reconcile our theories with what has happened.

As discussed here in the previous post, the ongoing volcanic eruptions in Iceland and the possibility of ocean mixed layer heating by similar eruptions nearby on the ocean floor offer a possible explanation.  This is not mentioned.  Of course not, that would be out of bounds for a climate scientist and not an acceptable part of the climate change narrative. There are over a hundred climate models which relate surface temperature to greenhouse gas concentrations, but none, to my knowledge, relating surface temperature to ocean floor volcanism.

It’s as if I call a mechanic when my car won’t start and he says “Well it’s not the fuel pump”. When I ask him what to do next, he says “Sorry mate , I only do fuel pumps”. That is how science is done these days.